Initial Brief
Patients are often prescribed important medications, but fail to take them in the correct dose or frequency, substantially complicating their care. Additionally, some prescription drugs can be abused, leading to addiction. Create a service to encourage medication compliance and report to care providers. 
We created this logo with multiple ideas in mind. We used sans-serif lettering to look modern and fit the look and feel of digital usage. The simple pill shape was effective as the graphic. We also created a logo to be used on mobile devices that dropped the tagline and made the pill graphic smaller and inline with the main text. This logo worked well at a small size.
Low Fidelity WireframES
High Fidelity WireframES
Some of our competitor research inspired us to create an additional element of our service. We realized that a huge contribution to drug misuse stems from undertaking or overtaking prescription drugs. This led to the creation of a pill bottle that syncs with the userʼs app; Allowing them to precisely track the doses they have taken. This synced container would also have the potential to apply social pressure on people who struggle with addiction by communicating with a designated individual who oversees their use behavior.
Promotional Video
In the video we wanted to highlight the hardware and the parts of the app that correspond to it most, in order to emphasize what our service does. Our goal was to have the video simulate someone using the app and hardware in a regular every day scenario. We created this video in Adobe Premiere and filmed with a DSLR camera and an iPad Pro.
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